Olivier Jeannot

My challenge is for the visitor to leave with a feeling of euphoria, a mixture of flavors, senses, well-being, good vibes and warmth, and finally, to be immersed in an atmosphere of happiness, the same as in these 20 years of La life has managed to maintain and cultivate Étniko de Bellavista

                                                                                   Olivier Jeannot.

In March of 1997, Étniko opens its doors in Bellavista. With great expectation, it was a semi-hidden place, a rarity in the neighborhood, without much verified information about what it was going to offer..

Its creator, Olivier Jeannot, man of the world, when he began, knew that the incipient Chilean gastronomic industry needed a shake. It will be because of his childhood in Africa, because of his mother’s constant travels through Asia, or because of his father’s French blood. From a very young age he was in contact with the kitchens of the world and hence the clear inclination towards the exotic and intense. So in Étniko he dared to have fusion food, with the protagonist’s sushi at a time when in Chile this was little less than unknown. Whether it was the novelty that it meant, or the lively atmosphere that was created around the bar and later on the dance floor, Étniko was the great success of the moment in Bellavista, and the icon of the capital’s night.

Today, 20 years after its opening, it is still valid and now also in Vitacura, in the CV Gallery, in a more modern, spacious and made-to-measure space to receive those who are looking for a good table, good cocktails, and better company.

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